Private Japanese courses

    Online Japanese courses

    Learning Japanese will undoubtedly give a boost to your professional career. It opens new doors and most likely, like many before you, you will fall in love with Japanese language and culture.

    It will probably surprise you that learning Japanese is not difficult or insurmountable. On the contrary! Do you wish to build a career in Tokyo or Osaka? With an intensive Japanese course for beginners or online Japanese classes for advanced students, you will quickly achieve your goals.

    We provide customized private Japanese courses for professionals and explorers. Our language training is so efficient that in no time, you’ll be able to speak, live, negotiate and do business in Japanese. 

    We start from your current language level, and work on your specific goals. We customize everything to your specific field of work and make sure you learn all the correct technical terms. As you follow private Japanese classes or intensive Japanese classes with a select group of professionals, our experienced language tutors can give you personalised feedback. Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll meet online at Language Teams.

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